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Insulated Outdoor Cat Shelter Insulated Outdoor Cat Shelter Feeding Station Cat Shelter Stand Cat Shelter Straw Bedding

Insulated Outdoor Cat Shelter | Feeding Station | Shelter Stand | Cat Shelter Straw Bedding

Welcome to Feral's Place! We specialize in providing an insulated outdoor cat shelter/cat house for feral or stray cats that you have chosen to take care of or for your very own outdoor pet cat.

Our outdoor cat shelters are built with the most important factor in mind - kitty! They are fully insulated on all sides, roof, and floor to provide maximum warmth and comfort for your outdoor cat on those cold winter days and nights. They also provide excellent protection from the Spring rains and Summer storms. Pressure treated plywood is used on the exterior of the outdoor cat shelters to provide the best protection against rotting and insect damage. The pressure treated wood we use may be used in projects where it comes in contact with humans and pets, and around plants and vegetables. The floor is covered with linoleum and the removable roof is fully shingled in a neutral brown color.

The outdoor cat shelters are soundly built and are well held together to last for many years of use and enjoyment. We offer two models with two types of insulation options for you to choose from. Optionally you can paint or stain the shelter a color of your choice to extend the life of the shelter. If you choose to do so, please use a color that blends the shelter with the natural environment.

Our accessories include an Outdoor Feeding Station, the Cat Shelter Stand, and Straw Bedding. The feeding station helps to protect the food and water from the weather and provide some shelter while kitty is eating. The cat shelter stand raises the shelter off the ground to provide protection from the weather and snow depth. The feeding station and cat shelter stand are made from pressure treated wood and can optionally be painted or stained as well.

Made in America - Made with Pride!